Vanessa worked with me to help when I was having severe pelvic pain. I was nervous to start PFPT since I had never done it before, but Vanessa made me feel super comfortable from the beginning of the first appointment. She really listens to her patients and cares for us like we are family. I am so grateful that I found her! 

Alyssa C

Four months into my first pregnancy I experienced pains in my hips. It hurt to perform simple daily activities. Vanessa was recommended to me by two medical professionals for treatment. I had never been to a pelvic health physical therapist, and I was unsure what to expect. Vanessa provided me with exceptional treatment and care. This extended the duration of my pregnancy as my body adjusted to the various stages of a growing a child. Vanessa also provided me with pelvic health education, which I had never received. This knowledge and support helped me have a successful child birth and a high level of postpartum care.

Sarah S

Vanessa Brockhouse is a top-notch therapist that I highly recommend to anyone recovering from an injury or surgery. I met Vanessa while recovering from one of my many surgeries for congenital hip dysplasia. By that time, I had already seen approximately six other therapists during diagnosis and prior surgery, never really feeling comfortable with any of them. I struck gold, Vanessa is compassionate, knowledgeable, and innovative. She listens intently to your concerns and creates great treatment plans molded to your needs. After my first rehabilitation, I went on to a normally functioning life. Unfortunately, pain struck once again in the other hip requiring major reconstructive surgery. I returned to Vanessa for therapy and yet another surgery to remove hardware. Vanessa has rehabbed me from using crutches to the point where I could return to normal activity on three different occasions. Not only is Vanessa a great therapist, but also a great person. I have laughed with her during my highs and cried with her during my lows. If you are reading this, look no further, you have found an exceptional therapist!
Vanessa H
Vanessa has incredible insight and an intuitive way of determining the source of her patient’s ailments. She does this from a place of deep knowledge around her craft; I highly recommend Vanessa who has been able me with determining the root cause of my pain and further, alleviating it.
Christine S
As a chiropractor and functional medicine doctor at Axe Holistic Medicine, it is of utmost importance to my patients, that I have the best network of professionals that I can refer them to when they need a different specialist. Vanessa is one of these professionals that I refer my female patients to knowing that they will receive the highest level of care.
Dr. Binner
have known Vanessa for many years , both as a friend and a patient . She is passionate about women’s pelvic health . I have been a patient of hers for uterine prolapse and she helped me learn to strengthen my pelvic floor and explained the reasoning behind pelvic floor exercises for women of all ages . I believe that what I learned from her has prevented me . thus far , from needing a hysterectomy.
Krista D

The birth and post postpartum information was unique and extremely helpful!… I have taken a labor delivery class with the hospital I’m delivering at and read many articles however found the information from the class was unique, concise and well explained. Learning the why behind specific laboring techniques and methods for postpartum care helped me feel more prepared.

Nicole R

Vanessa is an awesome PT. She is knowledgeable and very relatable. She does an extremely good job at using her personal experiences and using relevant anatomy to explain things in a way that I can understand. I am currently 6 months pregnant and her course ?birth prep? was super helpful! I wish I would have done this sooner so I could be working on my pelvic health earlier. I look forward to using the exercises and education to give my body the best chance for a strong delivery with less chance of post-partum challenges. With her guidance, I look forward to a successful delivery in a short 3 months!

Melly I

Vanessa Brockhouse helped me significantly improve chronic psoas muscle pain with physical therapy and stretching exercises. She is very skilled, kind, and passionate about her work. She even designed her own interactive software which allows her to customize a workout plan for each patient, complete with images and a written tailored therapy plan. After a visit, you can download your plan and practice the exercises between visits. She is very knowledgeable about the pelvic floor muscles, but she also takes into account the whole body. For example, she gave me some upper body strengthening exercises too. My goal was to be able to play soccer and run, and now I am able to play soccer. She notices very subtle things about posture and technique, and she coaches you to improve so that you can perform the exercises safely and effectively. She starts with very gentle exercises, so if you are post-surgery or out of shape I would definitely recommend seeing her. We are so lucky to have Vanessa here in our community, because it’s not easy to find pelvic floor specialists.

Emma C

When I first learned about pelvic floor therapy I was a little confused. I had seen so many doctor but it wasn’t until my new Gynecologist recommend this therapy did my journey to healing begin. My first appointment with Vanessa left me hopeful. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and one of the best healthcare professionals I have ever met. She helped me get my life back. Each session proved that there was hope at the end of the tunnel. She guided me to learn about how my body should function and I didn’t have to continue living a life in pain. Her exercises allowed me to trust my body and regain intimacy. I am forever grateful for her knowledge and her professionalism. She is the best choice.

S. Abdul

I was a patient of Vanessa’s virtually. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it worked great! She met
With me via a Video chat app so she could instruct me and evaluate my positioning, posture, execution of exercises, etc. She is very responsive to emails throughout the day. Every time I emailed her a question, I had a response quickly. It is clear Vanessa has a passion for her area of expertise which makes it comforting to trust her. I highly recommend Vanessa and fruitful womb PT. Julie
I am 36.5 weeks pregnant and just completed a virtual birth prep with Vanessa. She is so wonderful and understanding. I am on my third pregnancy and her tips and knowledge were extremely insightful; I have already started putting them into practice. I feel so much better about delivering this baby now and am excited to work with her postpartum as well.

Camille A

Vanessa’s Birth Prep was full of super useful information! There are so many things that doctors don’t tell you about what can happen to your body during and after pregnancy, labor, and delivery and Vanessa summed it up beautifully.? She even gave cute handouts so we could remember all the exercises and breathing techniques we learned for pre and during labor. Definitely recommend this class! So worth it!

Rachel M


The Birth Prep Class Vanessa provided was greatly organized, well researched and delivered clear information which will be greatly useful at the time of my delivery and immediately following. She was easy to talk to, answered all my questions and provided additional resources to continue on my journey of preparing for the delivery of my baby. As a physical therapist myself, I look for guidance from a researched backed source and Vanessa is incredibly knowledgeable and up to date on all of the latest research. Highly recommend her!


Highly recommend Fruitful Womb for birth prep. I had seen an advertisement in my doctor’s office and decided to try it out. The session was very informative and one on one which during a first pregnancy was a huge plus for me. I felt I was able to ask questions and not feel embarrassed or judged which may be more likely in a group session setting in a hospital. After the session, I was given a PDF which I have referred back to since my initial session for birth prep tips and products to be best prepared for the big day.

Rachael R

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